10 Things to consider before a significant wage movement

Whilst most employers are proactive in reviewing employee pays, they neglect a review of the governing contracts. A contract for junior employees is significantly different to middle management of senior offers with detailed knowledge of the business.

10 Things to consider before a significant wage movement:

1) How old is the employment contract?

2) Does the contract reflect their current role and responsibilities?

3) Are the terms and conditions current?

4) Has the package changed over time?

5) Is the employee now a ‘key person’ for the business?

6) Should a restraint or confidentiality provisions be included or updated?

7) Are the company details and address current?

8) Are the employee’s details current?

9) Have you considered training or licensing obligations?

10) Does the contract maintain a balance for the employee and employer?

Likewise, employees are less likely to accept contractual changes without a pay review.

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