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Contracts, Policies and Tenders For Employers

  • We have extensive experience assisting employers in the construction industry with a wide range of legal issues.
  • One of our areas of expertise is providing advice on contracts, policies, and tenders.
  • We are aware of the unique challenges employers in the construction sector have in maintaining legal compliance. We have the skills and understanding to guide you through the legal system and safeguard your interests whether you’re a small or large construction company.

We can help with the following :

  • Drafting and reviewing contracts
  • policies, and tenders to ensure compliance with relevant laws and industry standards
  • Advising on the legal implications of specific clauses and terms, and helping to negotiate favorable terms
  • Reviewing procurement process, bidding, tenders, and contracts to minimize risks and ensure compliance with public procurement laws
  • Providing guidance on the legal requirements of the construction industry, such as those related to tenders, contract management, and dispute resolution
  • Assisting with compliance with local and state regulations
  • Advising on the legal requirements of public procurement

How we can help

We offer a range of services to help employers in the building and construction industry comply with contracts and tenders, including:

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Trust forms the basis of all professional service, our team has repeatedly been trusted by hundreds of Australian companies.

Emanuel Sadler


Workforce Advisory was responsive to our needs and employment law issues. We got service that no one else had expertise in, so we are very very happy.
Thank you Dean and team.

Eren Hill


Dean and Workforce Advisory, are always ready to help with industry specific knowledge. Knowledgeable, friendly and efficient as well as very reasonable priced. I would use them every time.

Codey Joyner


Dean is a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of the construction industry. Super fast response every time, very personalised and happy to brainstorm solutions. Always my recommended go-to man for any of my clients in the construction industry.

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