Inclement Weather Calendar

Inclement Weather Calendar

The Building and Construction General On-Site Award 2022


The Industry award covers employers throughout Australia in the on-site building, engineering and civil construction industry and their employee. Workforce Advisory specialise in working with employers in the building and construction industry. This depth of experience makes us well-placed to assist you in managing your business.

Employers must have a sound knowledge of the Inclement Weather entitlements within the Award

Workforce Advisory has produced a Free Inclement Weather Guide 2022, however if you are looking for more the additional 34 Frequently Asked Questions may assist. The two page Frequently Asked Questions is general advice on the application of the Award Inclement Weather entitlements that commonly relate to payroll staff processing entitlements or supervisors on-site and managers looking reduce costs.

Not knowing who is entitled to what when can cost you thousands in time and productivity. Inclement Weather is a complicated area within the industry. Additional Guides will be produced regarding Heat, Wind, Floods, Smoke and Natural Disasters not covered in the Frequently Asked Questions. Purchasing our Guides, Documents and Publications helps us bring you more industry content and maintain industry knowledge.

The Award provides that where an employee is not able to perform any work at any location because of inclement weather, the employee will receive payment at the ordinary hourly rate for ordinary hours. Payment for time lost due to inclement weather is subject to a maximum of 32 hours of pay in any 4-week period for each employee

If an employee commences employment during a 4-week period, the employee will be credited with the following:

a)       32 hours where the employee commences on any working day within the first week;

b)       24 hours where the employee commences on any working day within the second week;

c)       16 hours where the employee commences on any working day within the third week; and

d)       8 hours where the employee commences on any working day within the 4th week in any 4-week period.

This is a rolling inclement weather calendar where the ‘first week’ is a reference to the first week in the rolling calendar, not the employee’s first week of employment. If the employee joins the rolling calendar in the third week, they will only have up to 16 hours of inclement weather entitlement for the remainder of the cycle.

Inclement Weather Guide 2022

Including 34 Frequently Asked Questions

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Disclaimer: This information is provided as general advice on workplace relations and employment law.  It does not constitute legal advice, and it is always advisable to seek further information regarding specific workplace issues.  Liability limited by a scheme approved under professional standards legislation.

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