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Industrial Action and Union Advice For Employers

  • The Building and Construction Industry is significantly different from the community with powerful Unions including the CFMEU, CEPU, ETU, AWU, AMWU, and others.
  • We assist Construction Employers, Contractors, and Major Projects with questions, compliance advice, and Workplace Relations Management Plans.
  • We provide strategic advice, market advice, and training for your project.
  • Industrial action can include employees going on strike, imposing work bans, restrictions, or strikes, blocking access or deliveries, or working to rule.
  • Industrial action is commonly mixed with WHS issues and site management or subcontractor pressures.
  • With legislative compliance issues and the mixing of Workplace Health and Safety issues, industrial action requires detailed advice from an experienced advisor.
  • Workforce Advisory has managed and advised on some of Queensland’s largest industrial stoppages, provided practical solutions, and delivered outcomes for projects.
  • Workforce Advisory works with Contractors, Subcontractors, Employers and Associations across a number of industries. The importance of subcontractor compliance, education, and active management.

How we can help

We offer a range of services to help employers in the building and construction industry manage industrial action disputes, including:

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Emanuel Sadler


Workforce Advisory was responsive to our needs and employment law issues. We got service that no one else had expertise in, so we are very very happy.
Thank you Dean and team.

Eren Hill


Dean and Workforce Advisory, are always ready to help with industry specific knowledge. Knowledgeable, friendly and efficient as well as very reasonable priced. I would use them every time.

Codey Joyner


Dean is a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of the construction industry. Super fast response every time, very personalised and happy to brainstorm solutions. Always my recommended go-to man for any of my clients in the construction industry.

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